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I make both steel string and nylon string custom acoustic guitars.

Steel strings - Style M
Style M1
(modified OM size)
Steel Strings - Style M with cutaway
Style M1
(with cutaway option)
Steel strings Style S
Style M2
(modified OO size)
Nylon strings model with cutaway
Nylon strings model
(with cutaway option)
Flamenco crossover guitars Flamenco crossover
(with cutaway option)

Matsuda Guitars

The base model Matsuda guitar features a Sitka spruce top, Indian Rosewood body, a simple rosette and is a non cutaway instrument. My guitars are especially well-suited for finger-picking, however whatever your playing style is I can make custom guitars which fit your type of music.

As a custom builder I am flexible about options, material choices and enjoy working with you to design the guitar that is right for your musical needs.

matsuda custom mini
modified Parlor size
(with custom head)

And as each customer’s needs are unique I will work with you to choose the neck size, scale length, soundboard tuning, set up and any other details that will make the guitar perfect for you. Every Matsuda guitar is uniquely built for each client.

Please take a look at gallery page for examples of custom works.

There are three choices of body sizes in my steel string guitars, Style M1-modified OM size, Style M2-modified OO size, and Mini-modified Parlor size.

I also offer two body shapes for nylon strings guitars. Essentially the same size as classical guitars, they are “crossover nylon string guitars”. One shape I use achieves a well-balanced guitar with a full tonal body and the other shape delivers a quick attack with a percussive sound.

matsudaguitars video
video japanese

Please check out more Matsuda guitars videos at link page.

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