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Deconstruction —-perspectives—-

Art and Guitar Project.

This is one of a kind project for one of my clients. This guitar has a related concept to my Deconstruction series. Deconstruction series doesn’t have an acoustic box, but this one has acoustic box. The top is carved out spruce. The body is made out of mainly mahogany, the outer sides are tempered maple. The back and neck are also tempered maple. One of challenges with acoustic on headless guitar design is how to maintain the sound vibration of top. In many cases of headless guitars, tuners and bridges get close to the edge of the body, which may reduce the top vibration area, also often bridges has tuner function, which add extra weight.

What you need is solid foundation for tuners with maintaining positive top vibration. I disconnect the top and tuner section in my design. so, That the top can move freely.

Demo video