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Does the California roll dream of NY pizza?__perspectives__

Art and Guitar Project.

This project started with one simple condition, which is needing two humbucker pickups. other than that I got to express myself freely.
There are many challenges on this new guitar. This body is not “an acoustic sound box” like acoustic guitars, but also it is not “solid” like electric guitars. It is “open”. The top is very acoustic. It is carved out spruce, in the same manner as acoustic arched top guitars. And pickups, knobs, switch, the bridge posts are through the top, then attached to the internal structures.
So, the top moves freely. It is one of my on-going experiments, trying to extract “acoustic tone” without “acoustic volume”.

The bridge sits on the soundboard, in the same manner as arched top guitar bridges. It has individual saddles and the strings come down to the back of internal structure with about a 90-degree angle.

Control is simple. One volume ,one tone, and one pick up selector switch. They are located at second layer under top.

As a whole, it is an art project on luthiery. I had my mindset a little differently from my usual luthiery activity. It has more expression, interpretation, fantasy, ego, etc etc… I am not solving issues, I am questioning issues in this project.

Demo video