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Guitars are something more than tools for the musician in my case. I like to use the same stage of artistic creativity musicians use for their music, and all artists use for their works. I hope I can pour something inspirational for players into my guitars. Maybe it is not inspiration, instead it could be anything that makes the player think, and feel. It would be wonderful if there could be some metaphysical communication between the players and me, through guitars I make.   



Style M 1

It is slightly larger than OM size, deeper body.


Style M 2

It is OO size model, deeper body.



The smallest acoustic body shape I make.


Cross-over Nylon strings

I offer two body shapes for nylon strings guitars. Both are essentially the same size as classical guitars,

As a custom maker I am flexible about options, material choices, and custom specs.

Please take a look at gallery page for examples of custom works.