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Matsuda_gunpowder top

Matsuda Gunpowder Scorched Top.

Gunpowder scorched top is one of my on-going projects. I am still studying about it tonally and visually.   Scorching wood is one of the old techniques to stabilize wood.  I remember there were some garden fences and shed walls that were made of it in my childhood town in Japan. 

This scorching idea I originally got from Koto making. (Koto is a Japanese traditional instrument). They have scorched bodies. They don’t use gunpowder for scorching. They has a traditional method for it.  At the beginning, I tried many ways to scorch guitar tops. Soon, I found that many common ways to scorch are too aggressive for thin guitar tops. Finally, I found using gunpowder is controllable, and I like this organic look of scorching with it. It looks like wood firing pottery.