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Matsuda M1 No.133A Mottainai

I try to save scrap woods and cut-off pieces in my shop. when I find them on my shop floor, I often say “Mottainai” and pick them up”. You may have heard this word, since Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai who won Nobel peace prize use this word “Mottainai”in her speeches. This Japanese word simply means that “I may be able to find use for it, let’s keep it”. It is very common word in Japan, which people use it spontaneously in daily life. This Matsuda M1 No.133A is made of various cut-offs and left over woods which are accumulated in my shop. the neck is multiple layers of Mahogany cut-offs and veneers. Sides are constructed with 6 different wood species with inside layer. Top and back are not book matched, and made of different type of wood.