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Matsuda M1 turbo-He

Guitar stand art for Boutique Guitar Showcase at NAMM show 2022.

It is Helium gas injection charger.All functions on this art guitar stand work. When you plug it in, and pull the switch, the blower blows and injects air into inside of the guitar body. then you can add helium gas into the injected air.We know our voice pitch changes with helium. So, with injecting helium gas forcefully into the guitar body, this stand can hold the guitars at a playable position for players. You assume that you can get a pitch shifting effect physically to the guitar sound when you play! But, No. It is not going to change the sound. this is an art piece with joke.I knew it would not work. In this art guitar stand project, all functions are not for the pitch shifting effect. It functions to just and only give you anticipation. Also, this blower is so noisy. When you turn it on, you can’t hear the guitar sound anyway.